I am currently reading Classical Rhetoric For The Modern Student by Edward Corbett and Robert Connors. I just read the section on formulating a thesis. I feel a bit sad that I’ve forgotten so much of what I “learned" while in high school. In college, I hardly ever wrote.

As an exercise, I’m going to write a bunch of theses that I hold to some extent or another. Don’t expect me to elaborate on any of them right now.


Hip-hop music is going to be more heavily represented in the future.

Democracy inevitably leads to socialism due to evaporative cooling of high-value individuals.

Multiplicities of humans organizing via horizontally stratified rhizomes will overtake all existing centralized institutions within our lifetime.

Accelerationism is the primary force driving change in the world today.

Software engineering, writing, and producing media are the most valuable skills in the world.

It is important to be a generalist and learn a broad swathe of knowledge in order to succeed in the Information Age.

Jackson Pollock was a mediocre drunk who was funded by the CIA.

It is not worth going to college for any field outside of STEM or Philosophy.

People within STEM do not value rhetoric or history enough.

Boys are not men until they have been broken and reforged themselves.

Cities are unnaturally stressful for the human body and mind.

DNA is a quine.

The Second Big Bang occurred in 2009 when Bitcoin first came online.

Programmers could be significantly more effective if they engaged with Authentic Relating practices.

The most useful thing to teach young people is how to modify their habits.

Equality is not a virtue to be strived for.

The advertising industry as a whole should be disrupted to the point of bankruptcy.

The United States of America is an empire akin to Rome.

Western civilization has been in decline for at least 150 years.

Nietzsche mistook the message of the Church for the message of Christ.

College is a good return on investment because it forces you to learn the habits necessary to become an autodidact.

Most people learn only by mimicking what other people are doing.

The majority of people have never had an original idea.

Keynes’ thesis that the economy is driven by spending is fundamentally flawed, as it is one-sided.

Austrian economic theories are an excellent starting point for learning about Bitcoin.

Economics is more important for understanding Bitcoin than cryptography.

Most people are lemmings being herded along through a fake social reality that has been created by sociopaths.

Most people want to be herded through the world by systems created by sociopaths.

Learning is painful.

Through annihilation of the ego, each person has the potential to realize that they are God embodied.

Free markets are the only form of democratic representation that is viable over the long-term.

Attempts at creating ‘true socialism’ have killed more than 100 million people.

Atheists are hardly ever self-aware.

The Kinesis Advantage 2 is the best keyboard ever made.

Injinjii makes better socks than any other company.

Women have more intrinsic value than men.

Many more economically free cities like Dubai and Shenzhen will come into being in the next 50 years.

All humans have an inherent drive towards being loving and caring.

All humans have an inherent drive towards violence and dominance.

Human nature is mostly fixed, though human behavior can be modified via game theoretic incentives.

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