Many of today’s children are being badly influenced by technology, but technology is not fundamentally bad or good. Technology just is.

To understand technology better, and why it’s important to understand, read this short essay series called Breaking Smart by Venkatesh Rao and Marc Andressen.


Don’t be lazy, but also don’t push yourself too hard.

Focusing on the art of living will allow you to achieve the material results of a healthy, Godly life automatically without having to try harder than you’re currently trying.

God knows you’re trying hard enough already.

Buddhism correctly articulates a very accurate mental model of how to focus on honing the art of the process of living.

The sage never feels as those he is putting forward effort, but is always succeeding at the task at hand in the most perfect sense possible for a human.

Buddhism is the method of applying the mind to reality to achieve what it wants. The mental result of this process is learning.

The mental act of this is focusing your attention on the breath, and it’s called Vipassana.

Vipassana is a simple technique that allows you to learn to effectively embrace reality completely without hesitation, without using any idol, talisman, or false God.

You can focus your effort more and more. This ability to focus will allow you to love God more. The ability to learn will allow you to praise God more highly.

Being Cool

Being cool is soul-crushingly simple to achieve. Be engaged with the context you’re within, but emotionally detached.

Our society rewards people who defect on the social game we’re all playing by agreeing to going to work or school every day.

Finance bros, DC political scum, all exist. They’re always even more douchey than you think they possibly could be. They’re the sociopaths who figured out how to succeed but were emotionally detached from being alive.

Sociopaths who lost the Will to Live and Embrace God.

Luckily for us Christians, Tiebout proposed economic solutions to the free-rider problem.

In any sociopathic game, there’s always a single move that one can perform that allows you to socially dominate the other person.

The trick to this is to understand that language has Russell Conjugates, and ways of subtly influencing you via memetic viruses and rhetorical art to believe things which are frankly untrue. Seriously, this has been around since the invention of language, since Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

For all competent people in today’s day, the single best move we can make in relation to the systems we exist within is to exit.

Each Christian man can make his own household a city on a hill for all to model theirs after, and it is acceptable for him to do so separately from the nihilistic mob.

Deleuze is the best hypermodern analysis of western culture.

We live within a control society that uses social media tools like Facebook that are literally being created for the express purpose of controlling your behavior and limiting your speech without even needing to discipline you.

Let’s pursue the meta-rational approach of continuing civilization.

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