You can’t learn something that you think you already know. Please, let me take care of you. I love you and want the best for you.

The essence is simple.

Believing in God is the correct answer to a question that human existence within this life has posed.

Loving God is the correct answer. Freely choosing to love and believe in God is the correct answer.

What is your relationship to the Creator?

Do you want to use limited anthropological metaphors about a warm but stern loving father in the nature of reality?

Do you want to use limited mathematical metaphors of infinite geometry like Nicholas de Cusa?

Do you want to talk about annihilation of the ego-self like Meister Eckhart or The Buddha?

Do you believe that the maker of this reality loves you?

I believe that God loves you. Do you love God?

I believe that God loves autists. I believe God loves incels. I believe God loves the poor. I believe God loves the people of all races, languages, creeds, and any other distinction. I love you regardless.

I will not seek to force anyone to believe what I believe.

However, I do believe it.

I believe God has instructed mankind to get married, reproduce, and be plentiful.

Us Christians are going to keep K-selecting and exiting, while you r-select in Sodom and Gomorrah forever.

If you aren’t planning on having kids, you’re selecting yourself out of the gene pool. You were the defector strategy, and apoptosis is occurring naturally.

In the meantime, us Christians are going to pursue the meta-rational approach of continuing civilization.

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