I’ve been reading Musimathics, a book on the mathematics of music theory.

If Mike Johnson’s formalist definition of consciousness in terms of valence is correct, then experience is music and the brain is an acoustic, biological computer.

Music is made up of sound. Intensity is a single property of sound.

Georges Bataille, a founder of postmodernism, wrote a book called Inner Experience which attempts to provide foundations for the notion of the sacred through mystical experience in the absence of God.

“In the end experience attains the fusion of the object and subject, being as subject non knowledge, as object the unknown… Attaining this as an extremity of the possible, it goes without saying that philosophy properly speaking is absorbed, that, being already separated from the simple attempt at the cohesion of knowledge that is the philosopher of the sciences, it dissolves. And dissolving it in this new way of thinking, it finds itself to be no more than the heir of a fabulous mystical theology, but mutilated by a God and wiping the slate clean."

“Opening myself to inner experience, I have placed all value, all authority in it. I cannot henceforth have another value or another authority. Value, authority imply the rigor of a method, the existence of a community."

Bataille worships intensity, a single component of sound. Frequency, intensity, onset, duration, and wave shape are the primary components of sound

“I call experience a journey to the end of the possible of man."

That’s akin to the statement, “I worship loudness!" Quite silly.

I much prefer to worship God, the artist playing the music.

I enjoy the entirety of music, not just how loud it is.

Music has infinitely complex and simple variations of rhythm, tonality, sound texture, and beauty.

Intensity is just that, intense.

Bataille rants against the dramatization of life, and speaks of experience itself as being the height of drama. True! Being is a gift.

What will we do, now that we have received this gift?

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